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Annotated Bibliography
9/2/2015African Americans
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With all of the bad news that is being shown about African Americans today, it makes one wonder if there is really a reason behind the anger they are exhibiting. If a person looks back on the history of Africans in American, they would not be able to pin point the exact moment when things started going bad. It would take time and effort to study the culture and the people as a whole to get the answers they are looking for. With the knowledge gained, the individual would get a better perspective of the why’s behind their history. To begin with, when one looks at the history of African Americans, they would need to go all the way down the line to the beginning. African people are made up of a combination of 80% West African, and 20% European ancestry.
One of the turning points for Africans was when slavery became prominent in America. They were kidnapped from their home and brought here to a country they would have never seen otherwise, into an environment they have never experienced before. They were subjected to diseases and conditions of living that no human should never have to experience. When the Civil Rights Act of 1964 happened, many people thought there would be a change. But it was a slow process all the way around. It was even hard for factory jobs to be available for African Americas. It was thought that they were not good enough to do the “poor white man’s job”. With all of these judgments and punishment put on African Americans, it is a wonder that they are still able to hold their heads up with pride. For most people, it would take them in a…