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NAME: Watchara Songchan
Student ID: 5740508-2
Section: 01
Writing Assignment 1: Write a description of something that you own
ENG 324 Grammar and Writing Skills
Sripatum University, Khon Kaen CampusMy Own Dog
There are many things that I own, but if I have to say what is my favorite thing, Isbella is the first thing that I will tell everyone about. Isbella, a dog who lost her mother since she was born and is adopted by me. Once she became one of my family member, she has been teaching me lessons without realizing it until today.
She has been a friend who has never betray my side, a dog who helps me learn more about responsibility, and a dog who brought a nice and warm family into once again.
Talking about Issabella, it probably does not know yet why it is being such an impact to my life, especially being a good friend. It is not that because I talk to Issabella everyday or hanging out with it all the time, but it is that it has never left me for once whenever I needed her to be here. Such a playful little dog to help me go through any kind of bad day, to keep my stress out when I am doing homework or studying, and to keep me safe while I sleep. I do not know much about dog, but there are many times when I cry, Issabella will bark. I am not sure why, but It is proving to me that Issabella cares about my feeling. For others, it might not mean anything, but when I am crying or giving up, I need attentions and someone to be there.
Even though, Issabella cannot talk, but it gives me some cheerful taps and some barks to spark me up and keep me on track. Issabella is a cheerful friend for me, and a such a blessed for me that it is a piece of me.
Issabella does teach me responsibility even though all it does is playing, eating, and sleeping. People might say that dog do not teach people, but for me it does because I have learnt to be more responsible for my little guy. I have to make sure to give him food daily and at the right time and amount. Also,…