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Article Review Paper
PSY/425Article Review Paper
Drug addiction is a very sensitive nature of dealing when it comes to a family unit. There are a number if resources available for those families that are affected by drug abuse. There are many options for parents, siblings, and spouses to guide them as they attempt to make sense of what is happening to their families. Illegal drug abuse is disproportionately associated with poverty, increased family stress, and neighborhoods plagued by instability, decay, and crime (Schroeder & Fals-Stewart, 2006). It also affects all people of socioeconomic status, race, age, and gender. Not only does the drug abuser suffer but also family and friends deal with emotions of helplessness, lack of control, guilt, pity, and fear. That when support groups steps in and help family members better understand the situations and gives the tools to emotionally and financially deal with the drug user.
Article of “Project Know, Understanding Addiction, and Support Groups for Families of Addicts,” outlines various options to those dealing with drug addiction within the family unit. It presents options of Al-Anon, Nar-Anon, Gam-Anon, Co-Dependents Anonymous, and COSA. Each program is designed to help provide a better understanding of addiction for family members and spouses. Family members and spouses are put into a cross fire and they don’t know how to handle a drug abuse situation without fully understanding what it means and what it is. Allowing meeting with other in similar situations, this allows a huge increase in support and is essential for a recovery process for both the addict and supporter. Those who are close to the drug abuser feel sense of guilt and experiences feelings of depression as they attempt to gain some control over their lives. Reaching out to those support groups helps decrease negative feeling that are associated with their association with the drug addict. In many…