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Nissi Rodriguez
Professor Dove
SOC 103
February 8, 2016
How History and Sociology Can Help Today’s Families
1.Would Mills conclude that Coontz has a sociological imagination? Why or Why not? Sociological imagination plays a big role on today’s society starting from families, as Stephanie Coontz explain history has shaped the way families are today, every day things changed and people as part of a society has to change. The problem that families and men and women faced today are because of public issues. McIntyre Lisa explains how C. Wright Mills defined sociological imagination by saying,
“Mills observed that people in our society “often feel that their e
private lives are a series of traps. They sense that within their
everyday worlds, they cannot overcome their troubles.” In other
words, people feel unable to alter their circumstances.” (McIntyre)
Historical background and socioeconomic status has shaped how parents and teens and also how men and women behave today and react to social problems that people may see as personal problems.
2. What is “rolelessness”? Rolelessness means been socially dependent and irresponsible and underestimated by parents. Since i was as a kid my mom and my father thought me how to be independent because they know how hard life it can be, people should not depend on another person. I truly appreciated the fact that they taught me how to be independent because been an adult is not easy.
3. What is “situated social power”? Coontz defined it as that “various groups in society have unequal access to economic resources, political power, and social status, and these social differences limit how fair or equal a personal relationship between two individuals from different groups can really be” (page 12.)
When i was a child my grandma used to tell me and force me to clean after my older brother because that was a women job, he did not have to clean or wash his plate after he ate something or if he was…