Anxiety Challenges

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Latoria Palmer
Professor Althelstein Johnson
25 June 2014 Anxiety Challenges
How does a person overcome anxiety? There are three reasons a person coping with anxiety can be so hard is because of losing someone, tackling the changes, and taking depressants. Losing someone dear to heart will forever change a person life. Anxiety is something that can develop during the time of a person death. The feeling of fear overshadows mind with what-“ifs”. There are a few ways to break through that chain of worries. A person can hang with family to get through the lost together. Exercising also is a helpful way to get yourself back to a normal state of mind.
Secondly, tackling the changes that come with losing someone is extremely difficult to manage. Waking up without that person present is dreadfully overwhelming. Making changes to do any actives that have normally been done together are very sad. Sometime a person have to relocate to another city to get use to that person not being around. Finical circumstances changes for which the love one was able to help, is no longer an aid.
Although, Taking depressants to cope with a person death have its pros and cons. Some depressant like Xanax have many side effects that add to just being depressed. The side effects can lead to several health problems such as decrease heart rate, appetite increases, delusional, and possible death. A person body can get dependent on the medication and suffer from withdraw if taken off the drug. Depressants also can be abuse and overdosing develop. Although, the drug can have a couple of advantages. Depressant gives a person the ability to go about life easier. The drug also make a person not feel sad or depressed mood swings.
Finally, a person life will change while overcoming anxiety. Everyday habits will change from how they were in the past life. A person may have to take depressants but will have to deal…