Animal Farm Warnings

Posted by admin on November 21, 2017 in Articles

Enclosed in every novel, lies an underlying theme. Authors always make an effort to bury messages, warnings, or morals into their works for the reader to learn and interpret them for themselves. Hidden within Animal Farm are warnings given to the reader by George Orwell. These warnings are used as a forecast for future citizens of future societies whether communist or not. Whether you agree with Orwell’s views or not, it is primarily up to the reader to decipher and apply them to reality.
The word ignorance has played a large role in history. Generally, how humans act, speak, and think have everything to do with their intellectual ability. Needless to say, every human is on a different level of education and intelligence. This mass difference between people leaves a gap of unbalanced power whereby power is forced, or given. To survive in reality, one must be educated. If educated about history, one can learn not to repeat it by comparing the knowledge of the past, with the current situation. Along with being educated, one should also be a skeptic. Like renaissance philosophers, using skepticism is a way to get answers that would not normally be broadcasted. This skill was ironically absent throughout the farm in Animal Farm. The animals were hoodwinked many times and told lies by the pigs but yet never questioned them. They were too ignorant to even get a glimpse of what was really going on around them and because of that, were victimized. This obvious display of ignorance is Orwell’s way of telling future citizens to become educated and aware. He fictionally shows through many events what happens, and what could happen, if most citizens within a society are benighted and unable to have their own opinions and thoughts.
Patriotism. Something that should not be taught, but felt. If someone is patriotic, it means they are choosing to be devoted to their country or homeland for their own personal reasons. In the novel, animals such as the sheep and horses are…