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study pack for this subject contains the following materials:
– These learning materials, including the following:
– Subject Overview (which includes the introduction, subject content, list of resources and assignment), and
– Topics
– Sample Exams
– Articles
– Supplementary Resources (if any)
The information contained in your study pack has been designed to lead you through your learning process.
Note that the learning materials are not a replacement for the textbook.
Learning materials for each topic in the subject are based on specific chapters in the textbook. You should read the textbook along with these learning materials, and concentrate your study on the issues raised.
Learning activities and/or discussion questions are included in the learning materials. Advanced students might wish to pursue more of the discussion questions at the end of the appropriate textbook chapters.
Note that the examiner does not expect that you to memorise all of the issues that are discussed in the textbook or in these learning materials. It is more important in the exam to be able to demonstrate that you understand the various concepts and to show how they can apply to practical examples of organisations in your country or region.
Some of the topics list one or more journal articles related to that topic’s content. For exam purposes, the textbook will be the primary source to answer exam questions, but if you are able to do additional reading, information from the journal articles or elsewhere may help you to achieve a higher grade.
Finally, online quizzes and sample exam papers are provided to help you test your understanding of the subject.
Learning from the Workplace
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