age of accountability

Posted by admin on January 23, 2018 in Articles

Ron Chesbrough, author, “From Animal House to Big Brother: Student Privacy and Campus Safety in an Age of Accountability,” talks about the how secondary schools pose a higher eminent danger and their surroundings from any acts of violence. In regards to the shootings of the Virginia Tech, the privacy rights of the students and the safety of the community are more needed than ever before. With this said, institutions and professionals are left clueless with what is a great way to govern and protect the student privacy rights. Hi technologies and savvy gadgets popping up this days, it may seem like it can be avoided and detect which problems or situations arises in the midst of danger and safety for students in school without affecting the FERPA but this proved to be inadequate now a days.Higher Education have overhauled their way of thinking and way of shielding students from harming themselves and also at the same time from committing any type of violence and put students and school staff at risks or in danger with the tragedy that happened in Virginia Tech. Schools have gone through extreme steps to practice safety by identifying students behavior both emotionally and physically within the learning community. But FERPA, “Family Education Rights and Privacy Acts,” prevents schools from imposing safety precautions because FERPA protects the way a student privacy rights in higher education. This imposes difficulties to institution on how to better safeguard students without any violation against their rights.According to Chesbrough, “we need to rethink our definition of “privacy” and the original intent of FERPA and asking who and what it was originally intended to protect, and from whom”. He clearly states that “FERPA is their to provide reasonable protections against undue intrusions into the education records of students by those not determined under law to have legal rights to such access, and pertaining to them and being held by the institution”….