Advertisers Claims and Today

Posted by admin on January 26, 2018 in Articles

Orellana, Angelic
English 101
23 September 2015
Advertisers Claims and Today’s Consumers Even though it all comes down to money, as a consumer I feel advertisements need to be more honest! Because you purchase products thinking they are going to work when in actuality the advertisement lies. Then you as a consumer have wasted money and are stuck with a product that does not work at all because of a false claim an advertisement made. Based on the portfolio of advertisements and reading pop culture Go Natural (110) is the most manipulative advertisement and the M&M’s (111) is the most seemingly honest.
First I am going to start off with the most seemingly honest ad. There is a grandmother sitting down relaxing getting ready to knit. Before she starts knitting she looks into her candy bowl and realizes that it is empty. You figure the bowl would be empty why? Who doesn’t love candy? I know I have a major sweet tooth and absolutely love candy particularly M&M’s. There is an M&M in the background looking super scared obviously he doesn’t want to be eaten. At the very bottom there is an M&M’s bag with the caption saying “you can’t resist M&M’s and they know it.” Honestly speaking who can resist an M&M they are delicious! This to me has to be the most honest ad I have seen in a while. The reason it is so honest is because mostly everyone has a grandmother who has a candy bowl in her home. I’m not sure if your grandmother does but mine definitely has a candy bowl. When you visit there is always candy in that bowl, but before you leave all the grandkids and in my case great-grandkids visit they make sure they empty out grandma’s candy bowl. Therefor this ad is the most seemingly honest ad.
Second I am going to talk about the ad that is the most manipulative. The ad has in block letters GO NATURAL it also shows a couple of their products and claims to be organic curl care, for wash and go hair. They use four women in the Go…