Advantages of Xinhai flotation devices

Posted by admin on January 31, 2018 in Articles

There are many models of Xinhai flotation devices, where the decline of the whole cross section of the air-lift bubble flotation device is the most unique, and it is characterized by the use of air-lift air with a certain pressure on the slurry stirred, because flotation stirring power machine itself is small, so the energy saving effect is obvious; the installation of high-speed mixing device and atomizer mine, medicine, gas; and access to a full section inflatable flotation machine patents. The device is suitable for large and medium-sized rougher flotation plant operations and scavenging operations; gas precipitation flotation machine, flotation machine is mainly used for fine-grained mineral flotation de-oiling and oily wastewater flotation; flotation machine is also divided, inflatable agitated flotation machine, coarse flotation machines and other products.flotation devicesBecause of the importance of mine production of flotation machine, as early as the 1980s, the birth of the leading flotation machine products, such as the Swedish production of OK-type flotation machine. Paz was in 1994 Minco zinc concentrator used for roughing machine. Now more well-known domestic and foreign mining industry flotation machine: the United States produced WEMCO flotation machine, some of the United States,
Canada and Europe, Africa and the use of more and more used to process copper, coal, pyrite and roughing scavenging operations. WEMCO flotation tank flotation machine is provided with two horizontal rows of bars is limited to moving the bracket hole. When the bubble mineralization only sturdy combination of foam particles before entering the upper part of the pulp layer by moving the horizontal bar; the whole cross-section of gas Yantai Xinhai Mining Limited liter micro bubble flotation machine, widely used non-ferrous metal, black metal and non-metallic mineral sorting for flotation in roughing, selection, sweep the election operations; Beijing General…