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ADJ 255 Capstone CheckPoint An Informed Opinion(UOP)For more course tutorials visit
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Due Date: Day 4 [Individual] forum
• Write a 75- to 100-word response to each of these questions:
o Of the contemporary issues examined in this course, which issue did you feel most
strongly about, and whyo Did you have a clear-cut opinion about that issueo Which issue seemed to be the most irresolvable, and what do you think the future
holds for that issue• Submit your responses as a single post.—————————————-ADJ 255 Final Project Criminal Justice Opinion Portfolio(UOP)For more course tutorials visit
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Resource: Appendix A
• Due Date: Day 7 [Individual] forum
• Create a 2,500- to 2,800-word Criminal Justice Opinion Portfolio outlining your opinion on
one issue from each of the eight weeks of this class. Select issues about which you feel
strongly, and create eight distinct opinion essays to complete your portfolio.
• See Appendix A for additional project requirements.
• Cite your sources according to APA requirements.
• Post your Criminal Justice Opinion Portfolio as an attachment
———————————-ADJ 255 Week 2 Discussion Question 1(UOP)For more course tutorials visit
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Reportage of certain crimes like the Columbine High School massacre accelerates moral
panics, causing society to quickly adopt new crime policies (the incident at Columbine, for
example, caused many schools to adopt zero-tolerance policies and stricter gun laws to be
• Resource: Electronic Reserve Reading “The Extent of Crime Has Been Exaggerated by
the Media”
• Due Date: Day 2 [Main] forum
• Read “The Extent of Crime Has Been Exaggerated by the Media.”
• Post your response to these questions: Do the media…