Active Learnimg

Posted by admin on February 7, 2018 in Articles

Active learning is a when a person encounters new information and they try to find every way that information can be utilized. They try to test possibilities to work out a problem. Active learners don’t just take the information for face value they think about what else it can be applied to. Passive learners only take information and use it for what it’s stated for. Passive learners get instructions and go from there if they run into a problem they go back to where they got the instructions from instead of trying to figure out a solution. Passive learners don’t ask questions in depth twice like; why something was done, why it is done that way, is there another way to do it.
I believe I’m more of an active learner than a passive one. I tend to try to figure out how is the information relevant to what it’s being applied to. I try to figure if there is a better way to do something. Sometimes I reevaluate what I did to figure out if I could’ve been more effective. I also think an active learner ask questions from people who has done a particular task before them to find out what not to do so they don’t waste time through trial and error.
The active learning strategies I tend to use are, when I start a new chapter in class work I try to think and figure out how the information connects. I also try to think about how I can apply it in a real world situation. I think who, what, and why when given something to do I think about what I already know and after I think about what I learned and how it fits with what I already knew.
My active learning strategies has helps me already because when I’m given a reading assignment I don’t just read to answer the questions for the assignment I tend to read until the topic has changed or the information has come to an conclusion. This allows me to stay ahead of the curb when it comes to assignments because I don’t have to go back and read information because I’ve already read it while trying to connect the dots with the…