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ACC 400 Entire Course
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ACC 400 Week 1 DQs
ACC 400 Week 2 DQs
ACC 400 Week 3 DQs
ACC 400 Week 4 DQs
ACC 400 Week 1 E-text Individual Assignments
ACC 400 Week 2 E-text Individual Assignments
ACC 400 Week 3 E-text Individual Assignments
ACC 400 Week 5 E-text Individual Assignments
ACC 400 Week 1 Summary
ACC 400 Week 2 Summary
ACC 400 Week 3 Summary
ACC 400 Week 4 Summary
ACC 400 Week 5 Summary
ACC 400 Week 1 Individual Assignment: Current and Noncurrent Assets Paper
ACC 400 Week 2 Learning Team Assignment Assignments from the Readings
ACC 400 Week 4 Learning Team Assignment
ACC 400 Learning Team Assignment Interpreting Financial ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————ACC 400 Final Exam
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www.uoptutorial.comPlease answer the five following questions as your final exam. The responses should be a minimum of 300 words for each response (1,500 total word count minimum), anything less will result in a deduction of points. Post your final to the assignment link by the due date in the syllabus. Thank you. 1. What is an example of a significant accounting estimate? What is the importance of these estimates? How do ethics play into the decision-making process? Which financial statements include significant accounting estimates? Why? (300 words) 2. What are examples of irregular items? How does a change in accounting principles affect the financial statements? Who in the organization is responsible for the application of a change in an accounting principle? Why? (300 words) 3. What are some of the various lease options? When would you use one option over the others? What could be the financial influence of this decision? (300 words) 4. Why do you think it is important for clients of accounting firms to be ethical? (300…