abolishing the death penalty

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Abolishing the Death PenaltyPHI 103August 31, 2009Abolishing the Death Penalty
The Death Penalty in America today is a highly debated issue and has been for many years. Could you imagine not having a life threatening consequence at all, such as the death penalty when it comes to criminals that commit very severe crimes? There are many people in the United States today with many different opinions on why the Death Penalty should or shouldn’t be abolished in our Country. I’m one who feels that we should not abolish the Death Penalty; however our Capital Punishment system can be much improved.
One advantage to keeping the Death Penalty is that it’s suppose to act as a deterrent against those people who might think about committing a serious crime. I believe that it does help as a deterrent for some people, but not to the extent that it should. If we started sentencing more murderers and serious offenders to death, then I believe that more people will fear the consequences in which they may face. Now, if we start convicting the serious criminals to death, then that doesn’t mean continue to let them appeal their sentence and take years before they’re actually put to death. One other thing that I believe that keeps the Death Penalty from being as effective as it should be is T.V.
I know it’s only T.V. but that’s what people see and a lot of people believe that is the way it is. Whether or not T.V. is how it is or not, most people don’t really know. Many of the Law programs could be influencing people with the idea that all a person needs to do is basically tell the truth to get the Death Penalty thrown out of the negotiation process or interrogation. Basically, if you murder someone and the police are unable to solve every detail, you don’t ever have to fear the death penalty. Law programs on T.V. just make it seem too easy for a criminal to get out of a Death Penalty sentence. Watching the Law…