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Broadcaster (Reem): Welcome dear listeners from UOD radio. This is Reem Al-Assadi. As we always promise you to have interesting topics. Today we are lucky to interview two researchers in the field of self-development with Miss Areej Al-Hariqj and social development with Miss Nora Al-Maeesh. They will share us very interesting topics about two successful personalities who have multiple talents and achievements.
Broadcaster (Reem): Honored to invite you in UOD radio, how are youMiss Areej and Nora: fine, thank you. We’re also lucky to be invited.
Broadcaster (Reem): First, let us start talking about the personality who specialized in self-development and influenced a lot of people even after this personality died. Dear listeners, did you know who’s he? He is Dr. Ibrahim Al-Faki.
Broadcaster (Reem): Can you Miss Areej tell us what the meaning of self-development isMiss Areej: It’s the process of developing yourself mentally, psychologically and spiritually to have a better life.
Broadcaster (Reem): Miss Areej, would you please share us who’s Ibrahim Al-Faki?
Miss Areej: yes of course.Miss Areej: He is an Egyptian. He is an expert on global human development Neuron-Linguistic and chairman of the Canadian Institute of management and programming language. At the beginning of his career he achieved his dream as he became the General Director of several five-star hotels in Montreal, Canada, and Egypt. Also, he got a German championship in table tennis. He was a lecturer, trainer, consultant and author and his dream was to become a director of the largest hotel in the world. While he was trying to achieve his dreams, he faced some harsh conditions.Broadcaster (Reem): so, what were the harsh conditions he faced? Was it the turning point for him to become a good writer and speaker?
Miss Areej : when he decided to write the first book, which speaks about his personal experiences, it was rejected by publishers. This drove him to use his few…