Strategic Analysis of the Telstra Corporation

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Strategic Analysis of the Telstra Corporation (Australia)

Telstra is the company that leads in information and the communication services and having the best brand known in Australia. The company offers services as well as it competes to the all of the telecommunication market in entire Australia and provides greater than 9.6 million in the Australian fixed line and more than 9.3 million services of mobile that includes 3.3 million services of 3G. The primary activities of the company are providing the basic access services to the most of the business and homes in Australia. It has also services of long and local distance telephone calls and international calls to and from Australia. It has also the services of mobile telecommunication, content, and broadband access. It also engages in Internet services and comprehensive range of data as the Telstra BigPond. The company involves as well in the wholesale service and to the other carriers and carriage. One of the activities of the company also is the search, advertising, and information services with the leading directory and search company of Australia. It also has the cable distribution and subscription of television and its subscription of FOXTEL. The company owned 50% of FOXTEL and to the international businesses as in the CSL New World Mobility Group, which is one the leading mobile operation in Hong Kong. Part of it’s also are the TelstraClear Limited, the Reach Ltd and the SouFun Holdings Limited.

Telstra’s External Environment

Supplier Power of Telstra. Due to the importance of supplier to Telstra, the company had purchased worth $10 billion n goods and services for the year 2007 for the dealings in 9,000 suppliers and majority of which are the small and medium business enterprise.

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